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beginner, looking for tutorials on IVF

Hi all,

I am planning to use intel visual fortran and visual studio for my  MSc thesis. However i am totally new to the programming language and to the software. Are there any step-by-step tutorials or beginners guides available that are specifically focused on intel visual fortran so I can learn how to use it?

Many thanks!


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When the product is installed

When the product is installed you're given links to "Getting started" text and tutorials. These help you understand how to build, run and debug applications but don't teach you the language.  If you need them, go to Start > Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 > Getting Started, and click on the link for "Intel Visual Fortran Compiler".

There are numerous books you can purchase that teach the modern Fortran language. A popular choice is "Modern Fortran Explained". There's also "Fortran 95/2003 for Scientists and Engineers" which takes a more tutorial approach.

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