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command line install of Intel Fortran Compiler v10 for Mac under OS Sierra


I have an old Intel Fortran Compiler that is no longer supported (v 10 Standard on DVD) but works fine for maintaining some legacy codes that I still occasionally use.  I'd like to move it to a new Mac running OS 10.12 (Sierra), but the installer (Intel Software Setup Assistant) stalls after launching and I cannot complete the installation.

This is not uncommon and I have run into the same problem with some Adobe Creative Suite software, and some Garmin mapping software.  There is usually a work around, a command line (Terminal) install from a DVD.  And it's usually one line.  It could take me a long time to sort this out, and I don't really want to buy a new compiler just to get support when the one I have is adequate (my codes are all Fortran 77/90).  So I'd appreciate any help if there is some retired Intel support guru out there with nothing better to do!

Thanks, Harry


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The problem with MacOS is that major and many minor updates break third-party applications and installers. There is no command line install that I know of, and version 10 will almost certainly not work with the XCode you have on the new Mac.


I had methods for a command-line installation for mounting our .dmg and running a command line installer that worked with our version 11.x and earlier on much earlier OS X* releases but I have no confidence this would work today on macOS 10.12 for reasons Steve pointed out.