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compile siesta-4.0 code by intel fortran


Hi all

I want compile siesta-4.0 code by intel fortran parallel_studio_xe_2017update1 but i don't know how to do it, when i apply the installation steps of this code in my cluster ( linux fedora24 system ) the gnu fortran who is doing the compilation what can i do to solve this problem ? 

with best regard Soumaia


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I do not know what Siesta-4 is or where to find it, but the following is typical for all Fortran builds on Unix/Linux:

There is usually a makefile or a file in which the compiler, compiler options and other configuration information can be customized. Typically, the makefile will contain a line that defines the symbol FC (which stands for Fortran Compiler). It is probably set to "gfortran", and should be set to "ifort" instead. Similarly, compiler options have different abbreviations in different compilers, so you may need to change those as well. Finally, you should do the build in a shell window that has the Intel script sourced.