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dll that can be used from multiple LabVIEW vis

Hi, i want to create a real time dll to run in LabVIEW real time PXI system, my program has to read a lot of data from text files and runs a numerical algorithm to find minimum for the input provided these initial operations takes long time and I cannot do it in time constrained loop in LabVIEW RT, hence I want to do these initial operations first without time constrains and I want to continue execution on the same dll in RT loop. I have tried to put two "call library function" twice one out of RT loop and the other inside, but it started as different process and all my initiated variable are lost. I want to know weather it is possible to share the variable as I intend to do, and how to do it?
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There is some information in the Fortran Users Guide here about sharing DLL data between processes. The Fortran DLL sample here demonstrates how to share the data between a DLL and separate processes also. Another excellent example of data sharing among DLLs can be found here.

Hope that helps.