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fortran dll settings

I have Fortran code that was made into a dll using Compaq visual fortran some years ago.  I made a change ot the fortran, and now need to recompile into a dll using visual Studio & Intel fortran.

The application worked so long as the following settings were used in Compaq:

In Project/Settings.../Fortran:

a. Category = external procedures: 1) argument passing conventions: default*; 2) external name interpretation: uppercase*; 3) string length argument passing: after string arg*

b. Category = Fortran language: a) name interpretation: upper case*

c. Category = Libraries: a) reentrancy support: none; b) Use run-time library: Debug single-threaded* (and verify 'libs:static' was listed in project options.

My question is: where are these settings and options located in Visual Studio/Intel Fortran?


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They're in exactly the same places. The difference is that Visual Studio calls them project properties now. Right click on the project (with the "Fo" icon) and select Properties.

Note however that the "default" conventions are different in Intel Visual Fortran. You need to consider how the DLL is going to be used and what the calling program's conventions are. If you wanted everything to be the same, then the simple way is to set Calling Convention to "CVF". 

Read for more information.

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