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I develop QuickWin applications.

When starting, a program gets the x and y pixel numbers through GETWINDOWCONFIG and opens a window through SETVIEWPORT.

The program is dedicated to run in FULL SCREEN, is there a function that can be called by the program to switch to FULL SCREEN ? The only way I found is to manually hit ALT+ENTER.

I use 2 screens, I can move the program's window to the second screen, but when I hit ALT+ENTER, the window comes back automatically to the main screen. Is there a way to have it stay on the second screen ?

in the EDITOR :

is it possible to have the parenthesis and the brackets of alternative color in one line ?

is it possible to make a search (CTRL F) excluding the line that are comments ?

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If you choose the "Standard Graphics" QuickWin project type it will be full-screen. 

I don't think there is a way to do the other things you mention. Control over color is in Tools > Environment > Fonts and Colors.

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