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how do I get Visual studio 2015 ?

New Contributor I

It takes me to a page that has the original one, and the three updates.

(this is after the down arrow that says Download VS 2015)

But when I click on one of these update, it only gives me information.

There is no link that I can see that actually does the download, just information.


Is there a special trick? I thought it was free.

I cant use a later version, since the source code (Fortran) interface is broken.

Otherwise I would buy the most recent one.

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New Contributor I

Well, that page you sent me on quote #18 had some boxes next to EXE files.

and than "download" in a blue box next to those.

But when I go to that same web site, I cant find that.


Apparently, that how you actually get the software

The most I can get is information pages about the older versions of VS 2015.


Why cant I get what you got ?


I followed the post on quote #8, but I cannot get anything near what you got.

Black Belt

I suspect, Bill, that you were unable to see the download button because you had not logged in with your VS account/MS credentials. Next, depending on how your browser preferences and antivirus software are set, a downloaded EXE may not be run automatically after downloading. You have to double click on the icon of the downloaded "self-extracting" EXE archive.