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iFort and Xcode - Legacy Build System


I bought the Intel Fortran Compiler because of its integration to Xcode (macOS).

With version iFort 19.1 and Xcode 11, I can still compile and export "Command line tools".
However using the "Legacy Build System" seems to introduce problems with applications mixing languages. I succeeded to "Run" from Xcode an application with several Schemes (C, Cocoa, Fortran, shell script) but failed to export it to an Archive : "Command /usr/local/bin/ifort- failed with exit code 15", etc.
May be I made a mistake but other error messages such as "option '-target x86_64-apple-macos10.15' not supported" clearly indicates that the iFort integration to Xcode is outdated.

I read the post of Ronald W Green (Blackbelt)  Thu, 02/06/2020 - 13:16 on this forum "
"We are planning to remove Xcode* integration capabilities within our Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2020 Composer Edition for Fortran for macOS*."

I am not sure I will continue buying the Intel compiler !

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