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@AlHill has an indirect comment on the speed of Windows 11 after his name in the posts.  

It was interesting to note on reading my latest Maximum PC,  that they hold the same opinion, although they provide a method to mitigate the issue. 

I had to go back onto an Intel NUC i3, and it is still a better machine than the garbage machine I use from a major maker.  

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My method to mitigate the issue is to abandon Windows 11, and never, ever install it.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Windows 11 is the new Vista]

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that is one way.  Much the same as never eating KFC. 

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MS seem to have a need to "improve" windows in visual ways which I understand from a marketing standpoint but if from the point of view of a user that uses a computer as a tool, windows 10 isn't broken.  What we really want is steady boring  incremental under the hood improvements that don't require relearning and don't break things....

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My problem is I stick with the preview builds so I see small - weekly to monthly changes in Windows, you can actually see the MS logic as they slowly improve things.  These improvement started long time ago in Windows 10 - But if you go for release steps the changes are a bit staggering, but when I go back to Windows 10 on the NUC's I can assure you I look back and say thank you for Windows 11.  I was in a Dr surgery the other day and they were running XP. 

VS 2022 has such annoying additions I did something I have never done, removed it.  I am not looking forward to the transition.

The new one-api is still taking a while to get used.  As Steve lamented in another stream some of the examples are missing or in C.  

Humans luckily fight changes so the innovators have to be slow and steady. 

now to go and buy a Barbie for a 3 year old girl who believes in Santa.  


She will finish work in about 2082, ask yourself what the world will be like, she will be on gen 72 of the Intel chips with 4000 cores. 


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OK John give me some context. What are the best 3 things in windows 11 compared to 10 in your opinion?

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1. The settings page, they are slowly moving items from Control Panel to the settings page. 

2. The speed of install and setup - it is getting much faster

3. I like the task bar icons in the center instead of the left. 


You have to remember I have computers all over the world, I want to know if something coming down the pipeline is going to cause a problem with programs.  So I use my computer as a test, if the computer stuffs it is a short reinstall compared to older windows.  


We are all entitled to our own opinion.  I respect your right to use Windows 10, I can understand not wanting to change, some of my computers I cannot change.  Such is life. 

If I had my preference I would prefer the first version of Autocad for Windows, it is much better for engineering drawings than the modern one, but one cannot get it to run on a modern computer, no parallel port for the dongle. 


My first windows was Windows 1 - Computerland in Australia gave me an early release, it was terrible on an AT.  

The best spreadsheet ever invented was Improv, but Lotus killed it to assist 123 sales, now it is Quantrix and it is very expensive but all the MBA programs I know, and it is not many, use it.  They also use the HP financial calculator.  Quantrix is way cool.