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issue with MKL with visual studio


Dear All,

until today, I had visual studio 2019 installed with Intel Parallel studio and all was fine. I decided to install the new Intel onAPI. I uninstalled Intel Parallel Studio at first, then downloaded the one API base and HPC toolkit. I installed the base first then installed the HPC. I am doing that for using it for FORTRAN

I tried running my old projects that use use MKL as parallel or even sequential. I cant run any project that use MKL, I am sure the libraries are there in the directly and the visual studio rebuild the project without error but when I try to run the project, it tells me

" The code execution cannot proceed because mkl_intel_thread.1.dll was not found. reinstalling the program may fix this problem " . I uninstalled the hpc kit then uninstall the base one api then reinstall them again but it didnt work.

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Black Belt

Please see this earlier thread in the MKL forum.


thank you very much mecej4 for the help. I did the command DEVENV in the oneapi command and the visual studio started and the project worked fine.

I tried to add this to (Project-properties-debugging) " (i.e., add ...\OneAPI\mkl\latest\redist\intel64) to the effective run time path in the project properties." but I couldnt.

How can I add the directory correctly, I tried to write the following


But it didnt work

Black Belt

The "..." is not meant to be taken literally, but is to be expanded to the pertinent path for your installation.

It is to be replaced by C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\ if the default installation directory was accepted during installation.