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libguide40.dll for 32 bit and 64 bit distribution


I would like to distribute a 32 bit executable version, eg Intel32bit.exe, and 64 bit version executable eg Intel64bit.exe in the same installation folder so that the user can select which version to use as appropriate depending on the OS of the computer. I understand that I also have to distribute libguide40.dll. However I see there are two versions of libguide40.dll, one in Ia32/lib and other in emt64/lib.

How different are these?Can I rename them? How can I get each executable to load the appropriate dll.

Thanks in advance for the answer.


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They are different. You'll have to either set PATH to select the right one or put the 32 and 64-bit executables in different folders along with the DLLs. There's no good way I can think of to have the two EXEs in the same folder and use the right DLL.

Clearly, we have to move to shared assemblies to solve this problem.
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