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license issue!


I hope you may help me to find what the problem is with the license file. while installing Intel Fortran, I get this error:


"ThreadBB" v2022.0319, vendor: INTEL, expiry: 19-mar-2022

  platforms: i86_r  i86_re  it64_lr  it64_re  amd64_re  i86_mac  x64_mac  , vendor_string: SUPPORT=ENA

  License server:

  nodelocked license locked to NOTHING (hostid=ANY)  expires: 19-mar-2022

  Requests from the same USER/HOST do not consume a new license


This license cannot be checked out because:

This platform not authorized by license.

Feature:       ThreadBB

Platforms:     x64_n <> i86_r, i86_re, it64_lr, it64_re, amd64_re, i86_mac, x64_mac

License path:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\ServerLicenses\COM_L___ZN4G-SZ6VJDH6.lic;

FlexNet Licensing error:-89,310

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