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macOS* Catalina KNOWN INCOMPATIBILITIES - delay your upgrade


This note applies to the Intel® Compilers for macOS* only.  

There are known issues with the Intel Compilers running under macOS* 10.15 Catalina and Xcode* 11 which are currently, as of 29 August 2019, still in beta.  We are advising macOS* customers to delay upgrading to macOS 10.15 Catalina until we are able to add support and validate our software against the "Gold" release of Catalina.   We intend to support macOS* 10.15 Catalina and Xcode* 11 in a future compiler update release.  Please wait or delay your macOS* and Xcode* upgrade until we deliver a future compiler release where we explicitly state support for macOS* 10.15 Catalina and Xcode* 11.  Visit the Release Notes for the list of officially supported OS and Xcode* combinations. 


Apple has implemented a new and addition process for developers intending to support the forthcoming macOS Catalina.  In the past, application developers such as Intel had to digitally sign (get a certificate for ) our installer applications with Apple to insure that the installer is from a known and trusted application developer.  The Intel Compilers and tools installers have included this digital signature for many years.  However, with Catalina application developers have a new step - developers must submit their apps to Apple's notarizing security process, allow Apple to scan the application for known security issues, and obtain from Apple a new  "Application Signature" or Notarization along with the existing digital certificate and include the certificate and notarization along with the applications. Without this new and additional notarization they will not run on Catalina.  Gatekeeper on Catalina will not allow current Intel installers ( all Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for macOS* versions 2019 Update 4 and older) to run.  Thus, once you upgrade to Catalina you will no longer be able to run current ( 2019 Update 4 and older ) installers.  Intel will only begin suppling installers with this new notarization in a future release.  Existing releases do not have this notarization and we will not repackage and re-release existing packages to add this support.  We will add Catalina support with this new notarization in a future release.

If you do upgrade to Catalina at some point, keep in mind that you will be unable to install and hence run previous versions of the Intel Compilers for macOS* under Catalina.  

IF you have already installed Intel Compilers on your macOS* `10.14 or older and then upgrade to Catalina we believe the compilers will continue to run from the command line interface.  However, we have not officially validated our compilers and libraries and tools against Catalina.  There may be incompatibilities of older tools with Catalina.  Visit the Release Notes for the list of officially supported OS and Xcode* combinations. 

Xcode*:  Existing Xcode 10.x integrations will remain.  If you upgrade to Xcode* 11 you will lose Xcode integrations AND you will NOT be able to install the Xcode* 11 integrations since the current 2019 Update 4 and older installers will not run on Catalina. We have not validated our compiler integrations with Xcode* 11 Gold either.  Official support for Xcode* 11 is coming in a future release.

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