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module files transformation

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Is there any approach to convert a module file generated by compiler other than ifort (eg. gfortran) so that an ifort-compiled program can link to ? On Windows OS, there is a tool Module Wizard which can generate interfaces for DLLs, any Linux tool can do that job? Thanks for help.

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>>Given your comment, "For libraries that don't provide bind(C) interfaces it doesn't," would you or other readers know whether directive-enhanced compilation options with gfortran and Intel Fortran can be a workaround for those who cannot use bind(C) attributes in their Fortran code but wish to consume a shared library (.so) created using gfortran in a program created using Intel Fortran or vice versa?

If (when) the 3rd party library C++ interfaces are provided, then you can always revert back to having your Fortran code USE a module of your own that calls a C++ shell function you write, that calls the 3rd party library.

Note, on the USE YourShellModule statement, you can include NameYouWant => FortranShellToCPPfunction to have the Fortran use the documented function names.

Jim Dempsey