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mystery unresolved external symbol in cvf6.6

I use CVF6.6b on the commandline.
I have a static library which has worked well for a long time.
It is stoed in a folder whose path is in the LIB env.variable
There is a single module in the library.
today I made a minor change to the library, and recompiled it and then a dll which USEs it.
It results in unresolved external LNK2001 on nearly everything the caller is calling from the library.
So it clearly sees the mod file, and I think it even opens the lib file since that would give a different error,
so it is like it not seeing the contents of the lib file.
A dumpbin of the library shows all the symbols as expected.
I have seen this problemn once before but cannot recall the cause.
Any help will be much appreciated.
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