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need to know what changes took place in IFC 2015 Update 5


Our code has been compiling fine for years and now when we try to use anything newer than IFC 2015 Update 3 we are running into problems.  If we compile with IFC 2015 Update 5, a certain part of our program, when executed, produces zeros, when we should be getting a long list of data.  I cannot even get update 4 to install.  As soon as the loader for update 4 runs and I click next it closes.

I need to know what changes took place from IFC 2015 Update 3 to Update 5.

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There is a "readme" file for those updates (not in some newer ones) that lists bug fixes, but I very much doubt they will help you.

Rather than asking "what changed", you should run your program in the debugger and see where it goes wrong. But given your other thread about installation issues, I have to wonder if there is some other issue on your computer that is interfering with executables.

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Brian, can you provide a code sample (or the actual code, if it is not huge), data files if needed, and instructions to build and run the sample code?

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