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new install parallel studio on windows

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I am working on a new project that requires me to be able to compile on Windows. Currently I have a trial license for Parallel studio XE 2018 on Windows, but will soon transition to a paid license.

In the mean time I have installed MSVS 2015 community edition, and have installed all the non-IA32 components of Parallel Studio. The project in question uses CMake for the build system and the goal is to generate VS project/solution files with CMake to do the build.

I have virtually no development experience on Windows. I see that there is the usual compilervars.bat script and understand how to run that using cmd.exe to get compilers onto my PATH. My questions are as follows:

1. Is there a way I can run compilervars.bat at log in like you can on Linux and macOS with a .bashrc file? (So that my environment is setup for parallel studio xe by default)

2. When I installed parallel studio xe 2018 I had MSVS 2015 Community edition already installed (after uninstalling some older VS editions) but it didn't let me install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Shell. It says that it cannot be installed because "MSVS 2017 is installed (false) or MS Windows SDK for Windows 10.0 is not installed (also false)". Any ideas how to remedy this?



A reluctant windows Fortran dev,


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1. What I do is copy the shortcut for "Compiler 17.0 for Intel 64..." to my desktop, edit the "Start in" folder, and use that to start my command session. I am not aware that Windows has something like .bashrc but if you have some other shortcut you use, you can have it "call" the compilervars script with the right arguments.

2. If you have VS2015 Community Edition, you don't need or want the shell. The message you saw was probably badly worded.