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oneAPI setvars.bat

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Intel Advisor is present in the program directory, so what script am I supposed to launch, I added to the note at the end of the Error so I knew which one it was.  A bit lost.  


:: initializing oneAPI environment...
   initializing Visual Studio command-line environment...
   Visual Studio version 16.10.0-pre.2.1 environment configured.
   Visual Studio environment initialized for: 'x86'
:  advisor -- latest
Error: Product installation not found. Intel Advisor 2021.2
Please launch script within product installation directory
:  compiler -- latest
:  dal -- latest
:  debugger -- latest
:  dev-utilities -- latest
:  dnnl -- latest
:  dpcpp-ct -- latest
:  dpl -- latest
:  inspector -- latest
:  intelpython -- latest
:  ipp -- latest
:  ippcp -- latest
:  itac -- latest
:  mkl -- latest
:  mpi -- latest
:  tbb -- latest
:  vpl -- latest
:  vtune -- latest
Error: Product installation not found.
Please launch script within product installation directory
:: oneAPI environment initialized ::

help appreciated as I am a bit bemused.


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The reason I am interested in this stuff, is because I finished class yesterday and I thought I would have some fun that was not Fortran - and so I had a small play with C-Intercal. 

It is a tremendously frustrating program with very low level syntax, hardly any high level abstraction and names to make you want to cry with anger and frustration. 

It is a classic lesson in how not to code, and whilst it is in C the lessons apply anywhere.  I had to start at the beginning and I am slowly adding the code and learning the semantic poison these "gentleman" used and I use that term lightly. They have a function called Lose. 

It took me 3 hours to work out it means "you lose you made a mistake - bad luck - now figure it out."

They create a file in which they compile some c code, but you have to have created the file with a text editor first, they do not open a blank file or create one.  The if statement is enough to make you cry with anger and delight. 

They are driving me slowly crazy, the intent I suppose, but it is fun well some. 

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These people are fiends -- in the source they provide BEER.I as a input file, the program first will not open the file and then will not recognize it. 

The actual name has to be BEER.i = only  lc..  

There is a special place in heaven for these guys. 

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I finally found an efficient method.  I am using fileseek to look for the current thing causing an error in the original files and then copy of the needed bit and then check it and move on.  It is much easier in VS, but no go. 

One of the constants BUFSIZ is required for the first line in main --- but it is not to be found defined anywhere.  

FILESEEK can only find uses of it not a declaration, even in cesspool.  Do not ask me I did not name this stuff. 

So I declared it and it tells me redeclaration, but I cannot find it.  So 

INT32 BUFSIZA = 100;

This is almost fun. 


The error messages are idiotic. 


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