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problem using IMSL library

Hi all,


I'm newer from this forum and from the software. I just bought the product "intel parallel studio XE composer edition for fortran with rogue wave IMSL 7.0 win" it comes with visual studio 2013 shell. it is the first time I use visual studio, so probably I'm making stupid mistake. 

I have a f90 code written with an old version of visual studio using IMSL library and I need to compile, link and run now with my new software.

I followed the instraction on but still I have the error 

" Error    1     error #5102: Cannot open include file 'link_fnl_shared.h'    C:\Users\infnlnl\Desktop\mastinu\lzyield funzionante\LZYield_I.f90    2    
Error    2     error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file.  Check INCLUDE paths.   [IMSL]    

Please, can someone help me ? it is two days I'm tring to solve the problem reading the old post, but none btained yet.

best regards





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Welcome to the forum!

It is important to note in the instructions you cited that specific paths must be added each unique target platform. I have seen some suffer this error when overlooking adding the paths for their target platform. Double check you added the path corresponding to the target platform you are building.

If you created a new Fortran project, you might check the Platform Selection under the VS IDE to make sure it does *not* say "x86". We are aware new projects may default to "x86" vs. "Win32". When targeting IA-32, the platform selection must be Win32.

Would you be able to .zip up your project/source files and share those with us if nothing mentioned above helps resolve the issue?

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As the instructions state under "Configuring for Use from Microsoft Visual Studio", you must add $(FNL_DIR)\IA32\include\dll or $(FNL_DIR)\Intel64\include\dll to the include path.

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