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Fortran 2018 new procedure 

call random_init(repeatable, image_distinct)

is apparently not supported by Intel Fortran compiler yet (2018 release). Is there a timeline or plans by the ifort team for adding this new procedure to the new releases of the compiler? It is a very much needed procedure for parallel applications. Thank you.

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Given that the description of RANDOM_INIT was overhauled significantly at last month's WG5/J3 meeting, it would have been horribly premature for Intel to implement it in advance of the standard being published. The Intel team, back in the DEC days, got burned badly when they implemented the new PARAMETER statement before F77 was published. The final document changed the syntax and semantics a lot so the compiler ended up supporting both versions forever.

Fortran 2018 is not expected to be a published standard until the end of this year. I would advise against early support of any of its new features that weren't in one of the two TS documents.

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