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rc.exe not found when compiling or recompiling



This is my first time using Microsoft Visual Studio and Intel Parallel Studio. Also, it's my first time programming in fortran and using fortran compilers. Please take note of that for the following!

I want to recompile a DLL file, but after a couple of seconds MS Visual Studio stops and send me the following error: "rc.exe not found".

I have "Microsoft Visual Studio 2015" and" Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017 Update 2 Cluster Edition". There were some weird things about the installation though. When I installed MVS 2015, it took more than 10 hours, and when it finished there were some errors regarding the last update of it (update number 3, if I remember right). Now, I don't remember every message, but I recall that when I was going to install the Intel Parallel Studio , it said there were some C++ features that wouldn't be installed. Since, I wanted to work in fortran, I didn't care. 

That's all I know. I read some topics in this forum and there were a couple of guys with the same problem in similar situations, but I didn't see any "it worked!" reply.

Is there a fast and smart way to solve this? Can I get the rc.exe and put it in its right directory somehow? 10+ hours of reinstalling everything it's too much time to spend again...


Javier Vega Benavente,

Magister Mechanical Engineering Student, Universidad de Concepción, Chile

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The C++ components (some) are actually needed and used by the Fortran compiler and the rc.exe is a typical outcome of not installing those.

Please see this for advice on installing those and once installed, re-try your build.