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snan initialization for allocatable arrays

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Some time after this ( , IVF started to do NaN initial-value setting for allocatable arrays. 

The snippet below shows that allocatable arrays from type are not getting initialized. Is there anyway to do that?

The compile-line is: ifort /Od /debug:full /Qinit:snan /Qinit:arrays Test.f90

I am using Compiler 17.0 Update 4 with Visual Studio 2015.




      Module OM
         Implicit None
         Type newOBJ
            Integer :: j
            Real(8), Allocatable :: B(:)
         End Type newOBJ
         Subroutine SetObject(This)
            Type(newOBJ), Intent(OUT) :: This
            Allocate(This%B(2)) ! This won't initialize to NaN
         End Subroutine
      End Module OM
      Program Test
         Use OM
         Implicit None
         Real(8), Allocatable :: A(:)

         Type(newOBJ) :: OBJ
         Allocate(A(3)) ! gets initialized to NaN
         !Allocate(OBJ%B(2)) ! OBJ%B will get initialized to NaN
         Call SetObject(OBJ)
      End Program Test

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You've discovered a bug that still exists in the current release.

Please submit a bug report, which you can do by using the big orange button on the top of the main page of this forum.

To answer your question, you could create a variant of SetObject that accepts the component, and does the allocation.   For example:

         Subroutine SetObject2(This)            
            real(8), allocatable :: This(:)            
            Allocate(This(2)) ! This did initialize to NaN            
         End Subroutine

I did not try that with the 17.0 compiler, but it did work with our latest sources.


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