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x64 compiler installed without x86

One of my machines went by the wayside, and I wiped it and have been reloading software all day.  When I got to loading Parallel Studio XE 2016 update3 composer edition for Fortran, the installation gave me the x64 without the x86 (32-bit) compiler.  What gives?

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I've never seen that.

I've never seen that. Uninstall and reinstall. Pay close attention to any warning messages.

What are you seeing that says you don't have the 32-bit compiler? Which VS are you using?

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The Remove -> Reinstall

The Remove -> Reinstall worked.  Evidently I had some structure left behind from an Uninstall and it fooled VS 2013 Update 5 into thinking it had an installation.  I now have what I need.  I am still attempting to resurrect the machine, but hopefully the Intel Fortran side is settled.


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