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Can't capture Deus Ex in OpenGL mode


We received a question via our tool feedback button from Martin in Denmark.

Martin did not include an email address, so I am posting here with the hope he will find it or someone else may find the post useful.

Martin's Post:

Hi, I'm trying to capture data from Deus Ex, but it's not autodetected and if I select it manually, I get an error regarding Steam. Deus Ex has been changed from Direct3D to OpenGL, so it should work. Can you give it a go, and see if you can replicate it?


We support OpenGL only in Windows in Trace mode and in Ubuntu. Since you posted from Windows OS, I assume you were not trying this in Ubuntu. So you were using Graphics Monitor in Trace Mode to capture from Deus Ex, with autodetect enabled. Is this correct?

For your "manual" attempt, what parameters/flags/options did you use?


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