Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA)
Improve your game's performance by quickly identifying problem areas.
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Download the Latest Graphics Driver for use with Intel® GPA


When using Intel® GPA, using the latest version of the graphics drivers ensures that you are getting the most accurate metrics when analyzing and optimizing your game or graphics-intensive application.

For Intel graphics cards, go to the Drivers and Software page. You can either:

  • Select your driver manually based on your specific graphics platform or chipset, or
  • On Intel-based systems with Intel Processor Graphics, you can click the Get Started button to detect your driver and auto-detect the proper driver to install.  

For non-Intel graphics, check with the vendor of your graphics card for the latest drivers.

You may also benefit by downloading the latest BIOS for your system -- check with your system vendor to see if you have a current BIOS for your system.

For more information regarding installation, configuration, and usage of the Intel® GPA product, visit

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