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Frame Analyzer comment: why so much on one page?

Why the clutter.. why so much on one page?
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Just a quick follow-up to your comment and suggestion, which I believe is related to the window layout of Intel GPA Frame Analyzer (if not, please clarify your comment).

The particular window layout for Intel GPA Frame Analyzer was created based upon user feedback from game developers. We currently have four discrete panels on the screen: the erg visualization panel, the scene overview panel, the render target viewer panel, and the tabs panel. All were placed within the same window instead of creating separate windows, since typically you're working with multiple panels when analyzing/optimizing the frame from your game. In other words, users felt that trying to go back and forth between separate windows is a more of a problem than the single-window method. Note that you also have the option of changing the size of each one of these panels, so you have some flexibility in showing or hiding those panels that are more important to you.

If you disagree, please provide more feedback so that we can have the developers review the overall design and consider some additional changes that might improve the usability.

I also welcome comments from other users to comment on this as well -- do you like the current window layout, and if not what would you change?


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