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Frame Analyzer doesn't visualize the data properly for my game in UE5 on DX12




I'm making a game in Unreal Engine 5 and recently I have started using DirectX 12. Up until now (on Dx11) I've been monitoring the standalone game using the Intel GPA and everything was working perfectly.


Once I started using DX12, GPA seems to have trouble with analyzing the collected Frame data. Almost all configurations are not returning charts (or they are empty) and there is a message that 'Metric "GPU Time Elapsed" at axis X is constant zero for all draw calls.' 


I'm using the latest 2022 R4 release but the issue occured on previous releases too. 


What can I do to fix it? Any ideas? Thank you for your help. 

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Can you copy/paste the platform details (the "i" button, top-right of Graphics Monitor)?

Please check if your driver is up to date.

Another thing you can check . . . if you are comfortable with cli - download GPA Framework (same download page as the GUI Tools), and see if capture, playback and metrics collector work. You might get more feedback on where the issue is occurring with the cli.