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GPA 4: New Help Videos show key features of the product

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First of all, if you haven't downloaded the latest update to Intel GPA, Version 4.1, we recommend that you give it a try (check out the options for downloading it from the Intel GPA Home Page).

Besides a number of enhancements in the product, the product team has added a number of "how to" videos that demonstrate common Intel GPA tasks, such as finding out which draw calls take up the most time in your frame. They're great for users who are visually-oriented -- many find the visual approach better matches their learning style (compared to reading a manual).

These videos can be found by going to the Intel GPA Home Page, then looking on the right-hand side of that page:


The videos were recording at high-resolution, making it easier to see exactly what's happening on the screen. Therefore, you'll need a large monitor to view them online (we recommend at least 1280x1024), or use the link under each video to download them to your machine.

Videos available include the following (and let us know if we're missing one you would like to see):

  • changing the hot keys used by the Intel GPA System Analyzer HUD (Heads-Up Display)
  • modifying shader code within Intel GPA Frame Analyzer
  • changing your frame capture and trace capture options
  • analyzing trace capture files within Intel GPA Platform Analyzer
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