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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzer 2020.4 Release is Out!

Hello All, 

The Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers team is proud to announce Intel® GPA 2020.4!

You can download Intel® GPA 2020.4 for FREE from the Intel® GPA homepage.

Watch the full release video here!

What’s new?

Profile both your integrated and discrete Intel GPUs simultaneously.

Follow the lifetime of packets and visualize synchronization easily with auto highlighting and Bezier arrows.

Trigger multiple Vulkan* Stream captures at any point in time while your application is running.

In Intel® GPA Framework, you can now specify the number of frames to capture in Vulkan stream captures (as well as in DX11 stream captures).

All Tools

  • Support for Intel® Iris® Xe MAX Graphics

Graphics Monitor

  • Added support for the "Auto-detect Launched Applications" option to work in Trace capture mode
  • Added support for deferring capture of a Vulkan Stream to any point in time while the application is running (Deferred Capture)
  • Added support for capturing multiple Deferred Captures of Vulkan and Direct3D* 12 during a single run

Graphics Frame Analyzer

  • Improved the quality of Direct3D 12 stream capture and playback
  • Changed the blank icon to a screenshot of the first frame of a Deferred Capture in the Open-File dialog in order to more easily identify your captures
  • Full integer values are now shown in the buffers, instead of the abbreviated scientific notation values

Graphics Trace Analyzer

  • Full support for Direct3D* 12 visualizations of synchronization primitives
    • Bezier curves tracing both the lifetime of a packet through its event calls, and dependencies between packets (wait/signal command queue calls) are shown
    • User-space ID3D12CommandQueue::Signal and ID3D12CommandQueue::Wait calls are now selected along with other dependent driver synchronization events
    • GPU to CPU synchronizations via D3D12Fence::SetEventOnCompletion are visualized on the timeline 
  • Support for multi-GPU (discrete and integrated) profiling - view metrics from both GPUs in a single capture, concurrently
  • Significantly reduced the time required to open a trace file

System Analyzer

  • Support for multi-GPU (discrete and integrated) profiling - view metrics from both GPUs simultaneously.

GPA Framework

  • Multi-frame analysis has been introduced for DirectX* 11 (Pre-Alpha Version)
  • Reduce capture overhead - Deferred Capture
    • Triggering a capture at any point of game play is now supported for Vulkan and Direct3D* 12
    • Trigger multiple captures in a single session of gameplay
    • Specify the number of frames you want to capture
  • Added support for extracting Direct3D 11 object names from metadata
  • Direct3D 11 Metadata Extractor now includes RenderTarget binding information
  • Added support for Direct3D 11 RenderTarget resource extraction
  • Added support for Direct3D 11 Intel GPU Hardware query-based metrics collection
  • Vulkan resource extractor supports extraction based on call stage flags (pre/post call execution)
  • Support for Vulkan SDK 1.2.148. Please update Vulkan SDK to build against GPA Framework.
  • Support for Windows SDK 19041. Maintains backward compatibility with the previous SDK

View the full release notes and product announcement for more details

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