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Is it possible to capture and analyze frame from Intel GPA SDK ?

In one of my project I want to extract geometry and its state->Matrix from the one of the DirectX 9 application.

So far I have tried capturing frame using GUI with application analyzer and above mentioned details using the frame analyzer tools. Now somehow I want to automate this process so I looked into the available SDK, but so far I am not able to capture single frame, it captures all the frames since the application started in d3d11 application. and not working at all in d3d9 application. 

1) So is there any way I can do so and extract the required informations using SDK ?

2) Can I use this SDK on windows 7

3) Can I use this SDK for DirectX 9 application.

Please clarify my issues , so that I can go further



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Hi Matang, 

Which SDK are you using, the one we just released (that is a separate download on our site) only supports DX11 so you will not be able to use it for DX9 frame capturing.

Then there is an SDK that is built into the tool, but it requires source code modification:


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Hi, Thanks for the response.

Yes I tried using the SDK mentioned by you,

I gone through the link provided by you but ,Unfortunately I don't have the source code of the application from which I have to capture frame and extract geometry. Is it possible to have a download link of older SDK which support such functionality ?

Awaiting your reply.


Matang Panchal

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Unfortunately there is not, you can use the built-in functionality to trigger frames from within the tool though. To do so go to the settings in Graphics Monitor and navigate to the "Trigger" tab. Here you can automate the capturing process.

You will still need to launch the app. through Graphics Monitor to enable the automatic capture of these files.

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