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New training video: analyzing Android workloads with Intel GPA

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For those who cannot wait, the video is available here.

All of us have different learning methods, and so far the Intel GPA product has focused it's documentation efforts on written product aids: online help, Knowledge Base articles, and the product's Release Notes. But for those who are more visually-oriented (such as myself!), a video demonstration of the product is the quickest and easiest way to understand what the product does.

Jeff Freeman, the GPA Product Owner, has created a 15 minute video that demonstrates the Intel GPA tool set using an Android game workload on a Baytrail reference device. The video takes an in-depth look at the Intel GPA System Analyzer and the Intel GPA Frame Analyzer tools, and identifies concepts viewers can use to optimize their OpenGL-ES 1.X and 2.X workloads.



ps -> However, the video does not show the new Frame Debugger (beta) for Android workloads that has just been released with GPA 2014 R1 -- please let us know if this would be helpful.

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