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Older versions of GPA?



I'm trying to get GPA version 17.3 because Iv been having lots of problems with the newer versions. 18.1 no longer runs with the programs I want it to and 18.2 doesn't even start (it starts but instantly closes) and a problem Iv had with both versions of 18 is that while it's installed no other applications will open (e.g. Autodesk programs). If I want to use anything else I have to uninstall GPA. I don't suppose it would be possible for me to get a download for 17.3?

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Hi James,

I'm sorry you've been having so many issues with the 2018 version of GPA. Can you share the "About Info" of your machine that is found when you select this button: icon.png

We always validate GPA on the most up-to-date version of the GFX driver on each OS that we support. There may be an issue with the GFX driver you have installed in combination with the OS version you have.



So I spent the day doing trial and error and managed to find answers (or at least temporary solutions) to most of the problems. The problem with some applications not opening with GPA installed isn't related to the program being installed but is rather due to the fact that some programs just don't like to open with GPA (I use global hook most of the time) so if GPA has been opened / it's running in the background simply restarting the computer or force closing it with the task manager fixes this. 18.2 not starting up at all was probably due to I had changed the settings on my computer to force every program to run with my Nvidia graphics card instead of the integrated Intel i7.