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My UWP app crashes when started with Intel Graphics Monitor (GPA)



My 64bit UWP app crashes when I try to start it with Intel GPA Graphics Monitor.

I used the VS2017 15.8.1 debugger, which showed me a crash (null pointer access) in shimd3d64.dll

What can I do about it? I need to analyse my app, because C++ AMP code running on NVidia very fast, is running very slow on Iris Graphics 540.

Here is the info:

Operating System:
    Name: Windows 10 (build 17134)
    Locale: en-US
    Windows Developer Mode enabled
    Secure Boot/Trusted Boot is enabled
CPU Information:
    Architecture: x64
    Cores count: 4
System BIOS:
    Version: Microsoft Corporation 108.1926.769
    Date: 12/06/2017
GPU Information:
    Name: Intel(R) Iris(R) Graphics 540
    Vendor id: 0x8086
    Product id: 0x1926
    Stepping: 10
    Driver Version:
    Driver Date: 8-2-2018
    Supports GPA instrumentation
    Name: SurfacePro4
    Memory: 16309 MB
    Screen: 2736x1824, 32 bit
Graphics Performance Analyzers:
    Version: 18.2.324856
    Installation folder: C:\Program Files\IntelSWTools\GPA\





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