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Platform Analyzer Question and Comments



I don't seem to be able to display markers in the later versions of the Platform Analyzers. What am I missing here?

Also, i would like to give some more general comments on the PA. It seems like the platform analyzer has been through a complete reboot in the last few months.

- The UI contains *a lot* of stuff, but very little is relevant to the profiling we are doing here. Of course you can hide most of it, but still, it is very annoying how you have to hide everything in order to see the 1 or 2 threads that you actually care about. There are graphs, tons of pretty stuff, but very little is actually useful information.

- The doc is badly outdated. Referring to the old UI constantly.

- Where is the property grid that would show me the timings. All I have now are tooltip?

- The application almost consistently crash (2013 R3 and R4) when opening a large capture (200+MB). The second time you open it, when it is done caching most of its stuff, then it works.

Thank you.


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For those watching this thread, I've been communicating with Mat offline to get more information on the issues and his workflow.

The bottom line is the Intel GPA team appreciates the feedback on the tool, and is interested in incorporating these suggestions into future versions of the product.



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