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System Analyzer HUD is not active


I have been unsuccessful in activating the System Analyzer HUD in our application,

It works as expected in the sample applications, i.e., City Racer.

I’ve tried running with Global Injection Enabled.  Right click monitor -> Preference -> Auto Detect Launched applications (Check). I also updated the file for the injection list (../IntelSWTools/GPA_16.1/InjectionList.txt).

Our application has a complex configuration. It’s not just a single exe. It’s an exe that launches at least one other exe. It runs as expected standalone, but will not load correctly when I attempt to launch it with the Graphics Monitor. My best guess as to why it fails is because of some change in the environment, i.e., the expected working directory has changed and our application fails to load because of the relative location of resources to the working directory.

VS 2015 has a similar level of complexity although it is not the kind of application that you would necessarily want to profile with the Graphics Monitor, I thought it might be at least, an interesting test.

When I launch VS 2015 with Graphics Monitor it launches successfully, but hangs as soon as I try to load a project file.

I was able to launch the System Analyzer and gather some useful information, but what I really need access to are the additional metrics offered by the HUD, especially the GPU Busy %, Pixels rendered, etc. What would be the most useful is the ‘What-if’ analysis, i.e., the Null Hardware override.

Thanks for any help!


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Hi Michael, 

Thank you for the detailed post!

I installed Kaneva and tried a few workaround but couldn't find an immediate solution.  I'll pass on all this info to the development team and hopefully get you a fix quickly. 

Also, could you please copy and paste your about dialog into the post?  Graphics Monitor -> About

Once the defect gets scheduled i'll let you know an estimate ETA for the fix.  






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Greetings Seth, 

Kudos on the quick response!

Graphics Monitor->About

Windows 10 build 10586, 64-bit DEP enabled
Num Processors: 8
Memory: 16289MB
System BIOS: Dell Inc. A16 (12/01/2015)
Driver 0:
     Device: AMD Radeon HD 8950
     Provider: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
     Date: 3-21-2016
     Version: 16.150.2211.0
     VendorId: 1002
     ProductId: 6640
     Stepping: 0
     No support for GPA Instrumentation
Driver 1:
     Device: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
     Provider: Intel Corporation
     Date: 2-18-2016
     VendorId: 8086
     ProductId: 416
     Stepping: 6
     No support for GPA Instrumentation
Install directory: C:\Program Files\IntelSWTools\GPA_16.1\
Version: 16.1.282401
Current user is in Administrators group: YES
Current Graphics Performance Analyzers 2016 R1 (16.1.282401)
Secure Boot/Trusted Boot is Disabled
"Auto-detect launched applications" is On

NOTE: When I use Graphics Monitor I run it against the Intel HD Graphics 4600.

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