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Windows 10 Media Metrics issues with latest GPA 2015 R3


Hello again.

I write to a new topic, because the topic of the new GPA release is locked so I can't reply there.

I've tried once again your GPA product latest release of 2015 R3 and I found out some old (not fixed) and some new issues.

New issues:

1) I think it's the first time that Intel copies the behavior of Microsoft latest Windows 10 OS and makes user to agree to send data to Intel while using GPA product.

WHY ? Why do I have to agree to send you ANY data regarding my usage of your product in order to use it ?

Is there a way to stop this ? I didn't find any setting in Preferences or somewhere else to stop spying on me ?

At least Microsoft allows you, in theory, to stop sending data metrics, if you want to.

Old issues: (They are almost 2 years old now - Like a small kid preparing to go to school)

You have managed to solve some issues and this version is the best regarding media metrics BUT:

1) If I want to use continuous metrics from files playing from a playlist one after the other, I have to use "System Analyzer" only

You haven't managed to fix the "Analyse Application" method yet

But the problem is that using "System Analyzer" there is a certain GPU overhead, just by opening SA without using any media file (It's about 23% at 600MHz GPU clock of my HD 4600)

On the other hand, "Analyze Application" has zero (0%) GPU overhead.

2) Using "Analyse Application" you haven't managed to fix HUD location bug. Once again I have to open it in the upper left corner only, when i use it in Window mode.

All other things, look good.

Are you going to release a working version for those two issues and are you going to allow us using your GPA product without sending you ANY data ?

Thank you.


My test system is Windows 10 x64 - Core i7-4790 - iGPU HD 4600 - Latest drivers v4279 (for Win10)


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Hi Nikos, 

I'm glad to hear this release has fixed some of the issues you have been having.  

For the statistics gathering:

GPA is a very large suite of products that support a wide variety of use cases, platforms, operating systems, and architectures.   We want to know what tools people are using so we can focus our efforts on making the best product we can for you.   

Here is what we are collecting:

  • What application you are launching
  • What OS are you using
  • What version of that OS
  • A unique identifier that tracks unique usage

We don't collect anything personal or have any intention to do so.  The data we do collect is to make GPA the best product it can be.  

For now, we do not have an opt-out, but we are listening to feedback like this. If you have any questions regarding this or the information we are collecting, please don't hesitate to ask.  

HUD + Analyze Application Issue

As for this issue,  our recommended usage model is to use System Analyzer remotely to assure the least amount of GPU overhead. (even the HUD has a bit of overhead).  This method will get you the most accurate results.  I can show you how to do this if you would like, or it's documented in our online help.  

In the past you have seen the HUD issue on MPC-HC.  When I analyze this application via "analyze application" and have my HUD set in the bottom left, It draws to the size of the application (1920 x 1200).  This application does not account for the windows task bar, so it will initially draw behind the task bar.   But, when I full screen the application via the View -> Fullscreen (alt + enter), I see the HUD just fine.


What I have noticed about media players is that they size to the TOTAL resolution size of the monitor(s) even the window is minimized.  Since I have two monitors, it sees my resolution as 3840x1200.   If the HUD is on the right side it, will start drawing near the 3840 pixel mark.  This will be "off the screen" and you will not be able to see it.  Hopefully this explains why the HUD looks like it disappears when it's not in the top left.  

As for not being able to view metrics from a playlist, this should work in the HUD if it works in System Analyzer.  This sounds like it may be a different issue.  I'll look into it more to see if I can recreate the issue.  

Thank you Nikos for all your feedback, it is always appreciated. 





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Hello Seth.

Thank you for the prompt and very detailed reply.

Regarding "statistics", I can understand the official answer, but I'm not really able and spend time to check what you actually collect and send back to Intel servers. But even if it's all OK and legal with no personal data or information, you HAVE TO make it OPTIONAL.

It's not fair and right for the users of GPA product to have this statistics gathering as MANDATORY. You have to provide a way to avoid it.

About MPC-HC and other players in windows mode, it's just the same "bug" like all previous versions back to 2 years ago (!) Nothing has changed, your explanation is probably right, the question is if you can manage to fix it.

Regarding playlist behavior and HUD display, it's also exactly the same issue like 2 years ago (!) You fixed the System Analyzer part, but not the "Analyze Application" part.

Take a look at out last conversation below the 2015 R2 announcement and read my complaints regarding continuous playback, one file exactly after the other, which is actually what playback from a list is about.

The HUD displays information only for the first file and after the end of that, it goes to 0 for all media metrics and stays there when a new file is loaded after the first one.

I keep on describing the same problem for the last 2 years (!) 

Intel could easily have broken a kind of a world record of not fixed reported bugs.

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