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DevCloud - OpenVINO 2021



I want to run OpenVINO network on FPGAs: Arria 10 and Stratix 10 in DevCloud.
I've got 2 issues:

1. I see the latest OpenVINO release 2021.1.110 is installed in DevCloud. It seems that OV version does not support inference on FPGA any longer. How can I make it running? Can I switch somehow to use older version of OV that supports FPGA plugin?

2. I can only access nodes with Arria 10 with OpenVINO, but not Stratix 10.
When using 'devcloud_login', there is no OpenVINO Startix 10 option:

1) Arria 10 PAC Compilation and Programming - RTL AFU, OpenCL
2) Arria 10 - OneAPI, OpenVINO
3) Stratix 10 PAC Compilation and Programming - RTL AFU, OpenCL
4) Compilation (Command Line) Only
5) Enter Specific Node Number 

Or when listing DevCloud nodes with 'fpga' property I see only two types:

pbsnodes | grep fpga
     properties = xeon,skl,gold6128,ram192gb,net1gbe,jupyter,batch,fpga_compile
     properties = xeon,skl,gold6128,ram192gb,net1gbe,fpga,arria10,fpga_runtime

How can I access node with Stratix 10 and run OpenVINO inference?




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Hi ,

The Devcloud gets updated with the latest software and stacks time to time.

It is not possible for a user to to role back to an older version until that is provided as an option by Devcloud scripts. .

The OpenVINO design examples which is currently available uses Arria10.

Thanks and Regards