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HLS 20.3 Error with Platform Designer


Hi everyone,


when running the init_hls.bat file, i get the following error:

Platform Designer was not installed with Quartus; Install Platform Designer, or pick a Quartus installation where Platform designer is already available.

Is it not possible to use the HLS 20.3 Pro compiler with Quartus Prime 20.1 Lite? Can i install Platform Designer seperately to make it work? If not, which versions of HLS do work with any Quartus Prime Lite software versions besides 18.1?

I´m using Windows 10, HLS Pro version 20.3, Quartus Prime Lite version 20.1 with Simulink and WVS2017 Community Edition


Thank you in advance!

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What on earth is going on with HLS in the standard/lite versions? It would appear that deleting features from the product is now considered maintaining software. The release notes mention the removal of multiple components but does not offer an explanation why they felt it was necessary. I was pretty sure most of components removed were pretty old and crusty - HLS in 19.x was using gcc 4.x which is very old. 20.x HLS (Pro) uses gcc 9.x. It's a shame it seems to be at the bit rot phase of its life.

Anyhow, in the very least, I think you ought to be able to use 19.x if you use the installer found under additional software. Just make sure to set the correct install folder.


Hi ,

Please refer to the below link for the supported versions of HLS along with Quartus.

The order of richness of feature sets is in the following way.

Quartus Prime Lite <Quartus Prime Standard < Quartus Prime Pro.

Hope that helps

Thanks and Regards


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