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How can I generate a library from HLS to be used in OpenCL, without fpga_crossgen due the use of system of task?


I have a design implemented with system of task in HLS and I want to use it with OpenCL. I wrote the .xml that uses the files in folders: /components and /ip for "REQUIREMENTS" and the "design_internal.v" as the name of the "module". With this, .aoclib was generated and linked to a Opencl code. I am compiling to check the report using:

aoc -rtl -v -l opencl_lib.aoclib


The problem is that I do not see in the system viewer the logic inside the HLS design (even in the folder kernel_hld), it only shows "instruction" elements for inputs (Avalon MM):


Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 4.30.14 PM.png

When the design is compiled, the amount of resources used is only for dispatch. Do you have some guide about the files from HLS that I have to use to link with OpenCL? Could you give me some advice about this problem?


In case that I have to change the system of task, can I use "ihc::stream" to connect components?


I am using aocl and HLS compiler 19.4.0 with CentOs 7.6


Thanks in advance for advices


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May I have the design file to compile at my side for further investigation?



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