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How can I watch FPGA's frequency during kernel execution?


Hi, we are developing a kernel FPGA using both in Intel Dev Cloud (Arria 10) and a Stratix 10 MX we have in our research group. We are using OpenCL to develop the device code.


We want to watch the frequency the FPGA is working during kernel execution. So far, we know two methods to get the frequency: First is the estimated frequency provided by the offline report in the precompile stage. The second one is the frequency provided by the Intel FPGA Dynamic Profiler for OpenCL GUI. However, the first choice is only an estimation and the second one has the disadvantage that we have to compile a "weaker version" of the kernel because the hardware counters introduced by the profiler + our full kernel exceed the capacity of the FPGA and it can not be compiled.


Therefore, we need an other method to watch, consult or get the frequency of the FPGA in runtime to be able to know the frequency our "full kernel" is working. I don't know if there is some terminal command like in CPU to consult it to avoid introducing hardware counters or anything similar.


Thanks in advance, stay safe.

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After place and route, you can find a file named "acl_quartus_report.txt" in your compilation folder. The "Actual clock freq" value in that file is the frequency the FPGA will be operating at.

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Good to see the discussions above.

As mentioned in the above answer please look in to acl_quartus_report.txt.

Further information about custom boards can be found in

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