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linux kernel hangs while aocl diagnose acl0 on a10soc custom bsp


we are in the process of making a custom bsp for a COTS arria10 som. we have modified the bsp of a10soc_2ddr for our board(

The opencl_rte driver for arm  was compiled and loaded.

after booting the boad. "aocl diagnose" test passes and reads the fpga temperature (log attached) while "aocl diagnose acl0" makes the linux kernel hang  (log attached). From the log we are able to observe that the board hangs while writing to global memory. Help is required to address the issue. Also please clarify how to find whether the global memory issue is related to fpga ddr or hps ddr.





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Hi ,

From the log it seems like there was NULL pointer dereference and and some other access violations in the code. The HPS side DDR will be used by the Linux OS while booting. Please try and let us know after providing proper null checks in the custom code.

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