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Are FMA instructions supported with the intel compiler?

Hi Everybody,
I try to compile a program containing FMA instructions with the intel compiler version 11.1.054.
AVX instructions compile ok though. I can't find any header file in compiler Include folder containing FMA instructions, so I guess it's not included. However, I can't find any document on your website saying clearly that it's not supported. Also thetest program mentioned in "Intel Advanced Vector Extensions Programming Reference" pdftells me that these instructions are well supported when I run it on the intel compiler and the Intel emulator seems to recognize them (by looking at SDE release notes) , so I don't understand.
Can somebody tell me whether or not it's possible to compile FMA instructions with an intel compiler and if not, how to do?
Thank you

Computer: Windows XP, Intel Pentium M, processor 1.73GHz
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