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From Gulftown to Sandy Bridge

Though I am aware that this is not a forum for hardware recommendations I am a clueless where else to ask.

As I want to build up a new system with a processor capable of the WestmereAES-NI instructions, which socket is the right choice to later replace the processor with anAVX capable one?

My current favorite is a Tyan S7025 having two LGA1366 sockets. Will therebe a compatible AVX CPU for that in the next years?
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According to this site:

Sandy bridge"... will be split into two markets: mainstream and enthusiast. The mainstream models will replace the current LGA1156 'H1' Clarkdale and Lynnfield CPUs (Core i3 and Core i5) and will use LGA1155 'H2' packaging."

I am not sure if LGA1366 and LGA1156 is compatible, but I would guess not.

It was not easy finding any good info on Intel's sites!


Thank you for the veryinteresting link.

In the comment section a bit-tech deputy editor appended "LGA1366 and X58 will still be around for quite a while, so it's still a good upgrade. P55/H55 on the other hand has a much shorter shelf life now."

On the other side, I could find at a list with anLGA 1356 socket instead of the LGA 1366, both with three DDR3 interfaces. (No comment about compatibility.)

Until Intel does notclarify whether their products will remain compatible I think I should better wait, or completely skip the Gulftown generation and remain happy with my current dual 604 system.