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About setting FTZ mode using Intel Compiler Option.


Have two conflictual points as below:

1. Can setting

The /Qftz- option used to disable FTZ mode.

It is descripts as these sentence "The -ftz and /Qftz options, when applied to the main program, set the FTZ and the DAZ hardware flags. The -no-ftz and /Qftz- options leave the flags as they are". Reference following link:


2. Can’t setting

Can’t set FTZ mode by using Intel Compiler Option.

It is descripts as these sentence "I've said that IPP is built without this switch and FTZ bit is set to 1 in the IPP dllMailn() function - this behavior can't be changed in your app.".  Reference following link:


So, can set FTZ mode using Intel Compiler Option or can’t?

If can set, why I doesn’t used /Qftz- option? The reason is version of IPP, isn’t it?

(I use: Visual Studio 2008 SP1, Intel Parallel Studio 2011)

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