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Confusion using Speech RTP codec examples

I have setup the IPP Speech Codecs and compiled the supplied "application" project using MS VS 2008. I can encode a wav file to a compressed codec (G.729) and round trip that back to the original wave file. What I can't seem to do is debug into the actual routines that do the conversion.

I think the conversion (decoding)is being done here:

param = pIn->GetBitrate();
param = pIn->GetFrameType();
ippsCopy_8u((Ipp8u*)&param,(Ipp8u*)pOut->GetBufferPointer() + sizeof(Ipp32s),sizeof(Ipp32s));
param = pIn->GetNBytes();
ippsCopy_8u((Ipp8u*)&param,(Ipp8u*)pOut->GetBufferPointer() + 2*sizeof(Ipp32s),sizeof(Ipp32s));

I cannot find ippsCopy_8u anywhere in the code supplied. No .h file has a referance to it either. My guess is that it may be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\IPP\\ia32\stublib (the Intel .dll includes) or hidden somewhere else.

Does anybody know where this is explained? -or where in the application sample for umc_speech_rtp_codec the packet by packet frames are being decoded? I need to make a wrapper around just those.

I have looked at the code samples in "Intel Integrated Performance Primitives for Intel Architecture Unified Speech Component Interface" document but those exaples do not seem to have any relationship to this example supplied with the IPP download.
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The ippsCopy_8u function declared in ipps.h file and defined in ipps.lib library. It is optimized copy routine, the interface is similar to memcpy function in C run time libs.

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