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Deprecated function


I'm upgrading our Composer from 2011 version to 2013 version. I have notice that lot of function are going to be deprecated.

In particular the In-place functions are going to be removed, this means tha to do an Inplace operation I have to use the

not in place operation with same pointer as input and output ?

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True, a lot of functions are on the deprecation list. Just because they are listed does not mean they will be removed though. It will be approximately two years until removal, and until then you can continue to use those functions. Your feedback can help us determine if the function should be reinstated. Please see the Deprecated Features Feedback Page for more information. I also recently updated the Deprecated Function List with more information on specific functions to use instead of the in-place functions. The code change proposed should be as simple as substituting the not in place version and using the same input and output buffer (pSrc==pDst). Best regards, Jeff
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Somewhat related to this questions - Is there an update for the IPL-Wrapper available, specifically the iplresiz.c? ippiResize is not even depricated any more, it is removed. So the project no longer compiles after an upgrade of the compiler. regards Harald
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