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Difficulty understanding FFT documentation


I'm having a hard time understanding the docs for implementing an FFT , and some other minor issues.

1) when I look at the intel folder in my build environment, I see several dynamic libraries. Which one is necessary to implement the FFT

2) Also not clear if I should be using mkl instead of ipp for FFT

3) In trying to follow the example for using the FFT here :

I don't understand the deal with all of the initializing steps. Usually , when I use an intel routine, I am responsible for initializing  all local variables and I just pass them into a library function call.

Could someone point me to an easy example?

I have a vector of modulated signals (real) and  a vector of time points. I need to demodulate the data. I expect to have a vector of complex values and a vector of real values when I am finished.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Hi Mike,


1) In your project , include 'ippi.h' . The functions related to FFT have their dependencies as the following ,

Domain Dependencies

Headers: ippcore.h, ippvm.h, ipps.h

Libraries: ippcore.lib, ippvm.lib, ipps.lib


2) It depends on your application's purpose but it is shouldn't make a significant difference betwin using MKL and IPP if you are using standard FFT computations. Please see configurations, options, and features of MKL FFT and IPP FFT here ( MKL : , IPP : )

3)You can find IPP example solutions at <ipp_install_dir>/examples/. There's also an example for using FFT. Please check that out :)

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Got it.  Thanks 

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