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Do IPP have a simple way to support voice mixer for 3-way conference?

Hi All,
If I want toimplement 3-way conference , how can I mix 3 voice streams together? I can't find any useful API. Do I only to average 3 voice streams data with linear-PCM way? If not, could you give me some clues to implement this features?

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Hello Sam,

The IPP library is certainly appropriate for building such an application, but the library itself does not implement directly what you are after. Please review the "Signal Processing" chapters in the IPP documentation for more information:

How you choose to mix the three audio signals is really up to you. I realize that doesn't help much, but the solution is very much a function of your system hardware and requirements, so it's not possible to provide any sort of general solution.

If you are looking for a simple way to mix multiple audio signals there are many solutions. Here's one simple referenceI found that is relatively easy to follow:

And the references listed at the end of the following short paper might also be of value:

Disclaimer: Intel has no affiliation with the authors of the above pages and these links do not represent an endorsement ofthose authors by Intel; I have provide these URLs as starting points for you in the hope that they might lead you to find additional information related to the problem you are attempting to solve. There is no guarantee that these references will solve your problem.

Hope this helps,

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