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Evaluation and Licensing

I am evaluating Intel IPP now I see that I have an evaluation license in which I can see only 20 seconds of Audio is recorded and then only video is displayed without any audio, now I am concerned is it evaluation limitation or anything wrong with my code?

I have used UMC, do I need to buy anything for using UMC?

Second thing, I understand how to activate the SDK on developer machine but when I distribute IPP redistributable (I am doing to create statically linked dll only), do we need to setup licensing for IPP on each of our users using our application? Or we have to only setup license on developer machine, because lot of other SDK sell license per redistribution, Intel says its royaltee free but do we need to make some activation software on client's machine?

Thank you
- Akash Kava
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Hello Akash,

Evaluation licensehasn't limitation about the audio record time.Actually, it has same functionality as commercial version. So the problem should be code itself.

UMC is one of sample of IPP, socomply withIntel Integrated Performance Primitives - Samples License Agreement.

Here is IPP liencse FAQ
Please check it.
for example, to distribute IPP redistribtable library, you must own a commeceral license. IPP license is royaltee free, so you don't need setup license for your users.

In details, please take look at that FAQ. and you should be able to get answer for there.

What are the license terms and/or license fees for using Intel IPP samples?
Intel IPP samples are provided to show how to use Intel IPP functionality. Some of these samples illustrate the use of Intel IPP in implementing functionality defined by industry standards. These samples are not product-feature-complete codec solutions.

When products are built in accordance to industry standards, there is often intellectual-property licensing involved. Such industry standards are international standards promoted by various standards bodies, such as ISO, ITU-T, and other organizations. When companies produce products in accordance with industry standards, they must ensure that they secure the appropriate technology and intellectual property licensing from the standards bodies and other third parties. Intel IPP material provides pointers to the standards bodies. Industry-standard licensing is not provided as part of Intel IPP, nor is it provided with these example illustrations.


Thank you for your answer,

Yes we do have MPEG-LA (H264) and AAC (Via Licensing) patent rights, are there any other license necessary?

Looksno more license isrequired from Intel IPP.