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Example of ippsInflate_8u usage?




I was just wondering if there are any simple examples on how to use the ippsInflate_8u() function? There are some examples mentioned when googling this, supposed to be in the <ipp>/interfaces folder—but I have no ‘interfaces’ folder at that location in my installation (which was an evaluation version before I got my "real" serial number, maybe that is why)…

In short, I want to benchmark the IPP decompression of a FlateDecode:ed buffer against the method we are using today (an old “standard” version of zlib).

I have tried running ippsInflate_8u() on a sample input buffer, which our current code handles correctly, so there should be nothing wrong with the input data. The call to ippsInflate_8u() returns ippStsNoErr (0), but the destination vector is empty—so I must have gotten something wrong. And it feels like it would be fairly easy to understand why once I can have a glance at a simple example…

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Hi Peter,

The zlib library should be located in <ipp directory>/components/components_and_examples_win_ps/components/interfaces/ipp_zlib. If you could not find, please download from 

Please follow readme file to learn how to build lib files. I also attached an example source file used IPP Inflate function you could try. Please make sure you include all head files required. Thank you.

Best regards,

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